Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan

Full Stack Developer



3+ years of full stack development, developed multiple products for a varied number of clients across several time zones, also contributing individually to convert business ideas and concepts into effective applications to meet customer requirements insted of satisfying.



Full Stack Developer from November 2019 to still

Being a software engineer at dropthought, I had change to changed their enveronment setup vm to dockerizing.

Virthi tech lab

Full Stack Developer from October 2016 to November 2019

Being one of the pioneers of the startup, I had a chance to learn/explore different technology stacks and understanding the advantages/drawbacks of the technologies and grow along with the organization.


Javascript, TypeScript, Java 8, Golang, HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS
React.Js, React Native, Electron js, Redux, Vue, Webcomponents
Nodejs, Express js, Graphql, Spring-boot
PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB
Jest and Enzyme, Mocha & Chai
Docker, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Heroku
Api Platforms
Shopify, Firebase
BEM, Design systems



The FanX Mesh Designer (FanX-MD) is a tool for Fan experience management personnel (eg dropthought's Customer Success team members) to define and manage the supported methods starting with dropthought surveys. Also the design and implementation of FanX-MD should support multiple deployment options as the newly introduced concepts could be adapted much faster by customers when integrated into existing platforms


An application for managing services provided by commercial real estate companies, It has various segments, Like easing the work of technicians on the field, Helping managers review the technician's data And also creating transparency between the customer and the real estate service company by sending the invoices.

We created a metadata-driven framework for forms. This drastically reduced the boilerplate code in the application, We also integrated a component that securely captures the customer signature. Our ongoing work is around offline storage of all kinds of data like images, videos and other details. These will be synced back to the server once the connection is back.

Think Room for Parents


Mitra Parenting app in React native mobile application, which helps parents can view their child's progress report, Assessment report, school day to day activities through push notification in Android & ios

Platform dependency issues like view and mobile responsive adaptable for all devices, Lot more content infinite scroll issues


Qube Slate is a content scheduling platform that acts as a marketplace to allow Advertisers, Media Agencies or Exhibitors themselves to plan campaigns, choose to target content to specific theatres and schedule them at the theatres for playback.

Rate card and premium schedule based on time intervals. should cover all cases in unit testing.

Mitra Web App


Mitra app is a Web-based Application. It is the next version of Ezvidya Thinkmate app. It will manage teacher and Manager of the school can view assessment report, Course materials, Question plans, Period plans, Term creation and Professional development videos view in this portal.

Creating Terms based on school and staff. Adding Professional development videos and generating reports based on lessons, learning outcomes, success criteria. It will generated for overall class and individual student.

Content Portal


An innovative education startup catering to more than 700 schools. Helped build a platform that will radically change the way school-based education works.

Built (Frontend and Backend) web-based platform that allows administrators /content managers of EZ Vidya to upload content and syllabus relevant to the school. Developed backend restful APIs for storing and retrieving content based on the schools and their classes.

Workflow Management System

A web application to create, allocate and track tasks assigned to employees and provide actual productivity report against estimated time report to improve operations efficiency. It helps to provide better visibility to the management and clients.

To Monitor separate work and time queues for each employee assigned to a particular task, altering task status as and when completed. To generate an estimated customized quote report based on the estimated task completion time for customer review.

Thinkroom web


Ezvidya was trying to create revolution of Indian school education system. They are having own set of data's, for school education system, we are trying to aggregate their information to scheduled data's for creating admin panels and UI of user accessing information. In this project I work in admin panels and user site web application

Created UI for content uploading admin panel is called Content portal. Thinkmate is user interactive application. The teacher can view their course materials and creating reference on the page do draw a line, write a text, drag the text to any place using canvas API. View assessment report, question bank, period plan. and handle multi-server in single web application